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With their third album, 'Escaping From A Submarine', now released, Hollow Horse continue on their mission to produce quality music with no compromises. For this album they have enlisted the talents of various music industry luminaries.
Where to begin? Paul Rose is a good place to begin, the Geordie guitar legend joined the band for a day of sessions and culinary delights provided by Susan (which put the 'would be' HH chefs in their place), and produced some fantastic music, the awesome guitar work on 'Sometimes Things Get Worse' and 'Bluebell Wood (Angela's Song)' are down to Paul.
Ex-Big Dish and Marianne Faithfull Band guitarist, Brian 'Flame' McFie broke off sessions with his fantastic 'buttonup' collective to join the band for a mind-blowing jam which resulted in the amazing 'Beg'.
'We are not worthy' was the phrase on everyone's lips when Davie Lennox, vocalist with legendary Glasgow 60's band The Beatstalkers, turned up to lend his talents to 'Sometimes Things Get Worse', and so it went on.
The wonderful Daniel Wylie (ex-Cosmic Rough Riders, now solo phenomenum), blew everyone away with his beautiful vocals on 'I Think I Made You Up Inside My Head' and the stunning vocals of Jennifer Brady added the finishing touches to 'Under A Burning Star' and 'Loving You'. Tom Warrington, the man with a CD collection in the thousands, popped in to cast his ear over the proceedings, chat about root vegetables and provide some hand claps on Blindsided By Love.
The one and only Chris Liddell blew his own trumpet, more or less, throughout the whole proceedings and Brian McNeil (ex-China Crisis, sorry Brian, it had to be mentioned) watched YouTube and finally discovered how crisps are made from Danny Devine, whilst playing keyboards, engineering, producing and mastering the whole shooting match.

Hollow Horse are Kenny Little, Ian 'Stevo' Stevenson and Kenneth C. Anderson and we thank you all....


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